2018 Core Online

The 2018 Core Online edition is now available.

The 2018 Online version is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A comprehensive collection of Core Content Review Question/Discussion sets and Clinical Set Problems, updated from the Review's July 2016 through May 2017 print versions. This interactive electronic reference resource addresses 45+ different subject categories and provides a practical means to refresh and strengthen your knowledge base in preparation for Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification. You may claim credit for the online version even if you are a print version subscriber. Offers 60 AAFP Prescribed CME credits. This product DOES NOT include a CD-Rom or a Flash Drive. All material is accessed online. Technical requirements: Internet Connection, for PCs Internet Explorer (v11.0 or higher). For Macintosh, OSX or later and Firefox (v39.0 or higher) are required. The program is NOT supported by the AOL or Safari browsers. Cookies, Javascript and Active X controls must be enabled in your browser for the program to work properly. Accounts will be set up within two business days of purchase.


2018 Core Online
User Category Price (USD$)
AAFP member $299.00
Non-Member $325.00
Physician Assistant $299.00
Resident $159.00

Combined Current Print 2018 and 2018 Core Online (Purchasing BOTH products now)
User Category Starting... Price (USD$)
2018 Print & 2018 Online Version - AAFP Member $550.00
2018 Print & 2018 Online Version - Non-Member $599.00
2018 Print & 2018 Online Version - PA-C $550.00
2018 Print & 2018 Online Version - Resident $225.00
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